The recruitment process will need even tighter handholding to advise employers and coach talents.

FREMONT, CA: In 2022, a good employment brand experience may aid organizations in retaining and attracting top personnel. This will also help prevent employees from flocking to competitors, avoiding the need to repurchase them at a premium price. The recruitment process will require much more handholding than usual to advise employers and coach talents. Diversity and inclusion may continue to be emphasized in 2022. In their search for a new career, candidates look at companies' commitment to diversity. As a result, leaders must recognize that their efforts to build a more inclusive workplace are regularly evaluated by potential employees at all levels of seniority.

Technology is now embedded in the fabric of every organization and its operation, thanks to the tremendous acceleration of digital transformation in the previous two years. The executive suite, therefore, should be reserved for technology executives. In 2022, the first generation of young people will enter the workforce with no prior experience in an office setting; yet, the leadership will use this as a benchmark. With many world-leading markets in APAC requiring access to talent from anywhere - whether it's talent already in the region or talent from other parts of the world - it's critical to support those experiencing difficulties "at home." At the same time, it's crucial to give the market's rising stars a chance to take on their next challenge. Given that a start date may be further away than typical, leaders are encouraged to take the long view and commit to recruiting the most outstanding individuals to join them. The best teams are made up of diverse talent, which helps them adapt, support, challenge one another, and ultimately prosper.

The pandemic has resulted in stringent border controls across APAC, limiting migration. Furthermore, because of the economic uncertainties, markets have been focused on ensuring that their residents are first in line for open/new positions, resulting in fewer work permits being granted. These elements combine to create a less broad, diversified, and diverse perspective of what teams can be. To address this, executives are encouraged to get down with their leadership team and determine what the team's goals are and the skills and talent required in the medium and long term to fulfill the company's objectives. As a result, people can help and cover for one another, filling in the gaps and possibly bringing in temporary help.