The newly launched feature, Absorb Pinpoint, transcribes video content to a form where the transcripts are searchable.

FREMONT, CA: Absorb Software, provider of the Absorb Learning Management System (LMS) and Absorb Infuse, has expanded its Artificial Intelligence capabilities with Absorb Pinpoint. Using the Natural Language Processing (NLP), Absorb Pinpoint automatically tags content within video lessons enabling the learners to pinpoint the exact video content they're searching for.

"Businesses are focused on being increasingly more agile and efficient when it comes to their learning needs," said Mike Owens, CEO of Absorb Software. "Absorb Pinpoint™ gives administrators the ability to have AI create a catalogue of microlearning content without having to edit legacy videos already available within the LMS. Thus, saving LMS admin teams time while also creating numerous benefits for the end user."

Absorb Pinpoint transcribes video content automatically into a form where the transcripts are searchable. Learners are transferred to the direct point in a video where specific keywords are found. They can also view the entire transcript with the highlighted term and navigate directly to the most relevant points.

Through search analytics reports, Absorb Pinpoint provides the learning and development teams a look into what learners are looking for. These reports validate the ROI and value of this feature for their learners while giving L&D teams an insight into the future of content opportunities.

"It wasn't just about creating a tool that could only skip to a topic in a video," said Craig Basford, Senior VP of Product at Absorb Software. "We wanted to build something admins could use to repurpose content they already have, improve the learner experience as they search for the content most relevant to them and also provide the means for L&D teams to shift strategies based on that search data."

Absorb Pinpoint has been released within a newly refreshed administrative interface alongside other features such as admin dashboards, checklists, and e-signatures.