Performance Appraisal is one of the major factors to retain talents and achieve high rate of productivity. Here are a few tips for the startups and SMEs to establish effective Talent management process

FREMPNT, CA: While most of the well-established organizations experiment with traditional as well as modern methods of performance appraisal method, many startups and SMEs lack a proper guide to establishing a performance management system for their smaller teams.

Unlike process-driven companies, startups and SMEs are rather result-driven as they expect immediate results. They need more talent management ideas to retain their talents, which may contribute largely to developing their business. Therefore, a suitable performance management system can offer a company and the employees to learn, develop, and grow.

The performance appraisal process should never stop. Companies should take care of it throughout the year. When it comes to generating revenues, startups and SMEs try to find an effective performance management system instead of creating one.

Here are 5 performance appraisal methods that can be useful for the startups and SMEs:

Goal Setting and Performance Appraisal are not the Same

The startups and SMEs must understand the difference between goal setting and performance appraisal method. Performance appraisal meetings are for discussing the performance of the employees, not to set up the company's goals. In the performance appraisal meetings, the prime focus should be on evaluating and reviewing the employee's performances.

The Motivation of Employees Depends a Lot on Frequency of the Process

Employee motivation is quite important to increase productivity as well as generate revenues. Employees may lose interest in their work if they are unaware of their contribution to the company and also where do their performance stand. So, it may be useful if the startups and SMEs can hold the performance appraisal meeting more often, at least every three months.

360 Feedback Offers a Culture of Openness

Honest 360-degree feedback can be a convenient way to make the employees aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Both employers and employees can give feedback on each other's performances.

Personalization can Enhance Employee Productivity

The startups and SMEs, with their smaller workforce, share the benefit of close communications. Therefore, personalization in performance management can be possible. It may require a correct approach and effort to use personalization in the employee appraisal method. Giving importance to every individual employee may help bring the best out of the employees. Understanding the issues of individual employees may also provide the scope for the startups to provide required training to meet the goal.

Engaging Employees Help Retain Talents

Startups and SMEs must take care of the work-life balance; otherwise, employees may lose their interest in work. This may decrease the company's productivity rate and increase employee turnover. Employee-centric culture, employee welfare, and benefits are some of the key factors for talent management, so these must be taken care of.

These steps are the primary approach for startups and MNEs to establish an effective performance appraisal system. Since talents determine the future of the company, it becomes necessary to develop talent management and production.

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