Organizations using time trackers for work should consider allowing employees to see their own tracking data as it will help improve their productivity as well as the organization's growth

Fremont, CA: A lot of businesses are using various tracking tools as everyone wants to get the benefit and accelerate their company's overall progress. Time trackers for work are becoming popular; however, business owners are wondering if giving their employees access to the tracking data is a good idea.

Here are three reasons why employees should be allowed to access their tracking data:

Being their Best

When employees gain access to their tracking data, they will want to improve if they are not satisfied with their work progress. Workers would want to be seen as productive and valuable employees of the team, hence always wanting to look their best in front of their supervisors. Although this is not the best motivator, there is still a high chance of turning into a habit.

Transparent Relationship

Maintaining a transparent relationship in the workplace is essential, especially when it comes to tracking employees' computers. In doing so, employees will not feel stressed and worried that they are being spied on and will also gain insights on what the management knows without thinking of it as a micromanaging tool.


Gamifying the time tracker for work will also help employees improve their productivity. By giving a small reward to those employees who maintain their productivity levels above a certain degree for a week or two will boost their motivation.

By allowing data access to the employees, they can track their progress and see if they are on the right track for the award. But it is essential not to go overboard with the rewards as the employees, at some point, will only work to compete for it and not produce quality results in their work.


Tracking employees' performance and working out improvement strategies based on tracking data is usually handled by the HR; however, employees can also work on improving their performance by accessing their own data. They can check where their time went and reduce the unproductive activities and, in time, improve their productivity, motivating them to push further and develop their skills more.

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