Lately, employers have been left quite rattled with all the increased complexities in the immigration process, especially regarding compliance, documentation, and policies. Higher levels of uncertainty surrounding immigration in the wake of numerous societal disruptions, paired with increasing employee anxiety, is becoming a growing challenge for employers. Adding to their woes, more extended processing and approval times piled upon a lack of visibility into the entire immigration process are exposing stark inefficiencies within organizations worldwide.

Amid this backdrop, while most immigration service providers are still at the drawing board stages to figure out how to solve these mismanagement doldrums, Newland Chase, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CIBT, is treading way ahead of the race. The company is rising as the leading provider of immigration and visa services with the required reach, agility, and client commitment to enable corporations and individuals to more easily navigate complex regulations. With over 70 offices in over 25 countries, the company offers first-rate immigration and visa services for corporations and individuals alike--all to let people legally work, live or travel around the world. Their services cover all the immigration requirements of their clients, right from comprehensive guidance and pre-planning of new assignments and immigration options to compliance monitoring.

The ImmiSMART suite of technology offered by Newland Chase is designed to simplify complex immigration processes and compliance requirements. It comprises several different tools with different but complementary functionality, which can be deployed together or individually as needed. It is very easy to use – with an intuitive, appealing user interface which makes it simple to access the data and generates reports. Customers can now sort and organize immigration cases by status. Traffic light status bars show when cases are on track or behind schedule added with detailed step-by-step process flows.

At the same time, ImmiSMART boasts of the industry's largest up-to-date database of global immigration processes and requirements, daily reviewed by a network of over 350 immigration experts worldwide. Accordingly, immigration service companies can gain real-time access to over 900 operations across 100 countries and utilize thousands of immigration requirements and document checklists available on demand. Also, faring high on security standards, the solution always adheres to the relevant international data security laws, including GDPR.

Along with seamless immigration services, legal compliance also becomes a top concern for every organization. For companies operating on an international scale across numerous countries, the key to consistent immigration compliance is having the appropriate policies and processes in place, aligned to their own unique business needs. Under these conditions, Newland Chase can play the role as a trusted business advisor, offering an extensive suite of advisory services and compliance strategies.

The company's expert advisory services team works in perfect tandem with their customers to fully understand and resolve their specific challenges while planning in advance for tomorrow's inevitable legislative or practical changes. With a dedicated Client Services Manager, clients can rest assured that they have a committed partner to share the best practices aligned with the client's objectives like mergers/acquisitions or any other specific project work so that clients are ready for any potential government inspections.
  • The ImmiSMART suite of technology offered by Newland Chase is designed to simplify complex immigration processes and compliance requirements.

Last but not least, the company's proactive measures to facilitate smooth immigration services in the fallout of the pandemic helped Newland Chase win the NEI's 2020 Above and Beyond Award for its COVID-19 Travel and Immigration Guide and associated resources. The company's comprehensive COVID-19 Travel and Immigration Guide provides Entry restrictions, office closures, visa suspensions, and immigration concessions, among many other services for more than 160 countries worldwide.Finally, riding on the back of their groundbreaking solutions coupled with a flexible and consultative approach, Newland Chase has its eyes set on the future. At the same time, the company plans to continue helping customers achieve global immigration compliance—empowering smooth travel around the world with ease!