Rahul Batra, Managing Partner, Hudson McKenzieRahul Batra, Managing Partner
After a year-long transition period, Brexit finally entered into force early this year. One of the major outcomes of Brexit has been the implementation of a new immigration system. From the beginning of January this year, the free movement came to an end for citizens coming to live or work in the UK from other EU or EEA countries, requiring them to apply for the visa. So what does this new immigration policy mean for businesses that hire foreign employees and expats?

Such businesses must ensure that they are compliant with post-Brexit immigration policies, which includes how they recruit foreign employees and conduct ‘right to work’ checks. Identification documents of EEA and EU nationals must be checked by businesses to make sure they are genuine and their background check is authentic. Expiry dates of immigration documents should also be verified to see whether a person has any restrictions to work in the UK. But considering the recency of these immigration protocols, many businesses might find it challenging to comply with all the new immigration policy changes.

Enter Hudson McKenzie. Based out of London, UK, Hudson McKenzie is an awardwinning, boutique law firm, recognised as one of the foremost legal practices in the UK by various legal directories, including The Legal 500. And drawing from its deep industry experience and unparalleled insights on the future of mobility and experience in the immigration laws and policies, Hudson McKenzie helps both corporate and government clients in implementing comprehensive immigration solutions, with a particular focus on UK immigration.
For this, Hudson McKenzie also combines a global perspective with deep onthe-ground resources in local markets. The company works in partnership with clients, providing a service that’s joined up with their internal approach and adds value to their own team. As a result, the clients of Hudson Mckenzie can craft immigration programmes that will empower them to attract, retain and develop top performers. It is also important to note that Hudson McKenzie’s team of immigration lawyers is recognized for its commercially minded and exemplary client service. Their innovative approach ensures that meet clients’ objectives on time and within the budget. The strength of Hudson McKenzie’s practice is bolstered by an extensive ‘tried and trusted’ partnership network allowing its teams to provide inbound immigration service’s virtually anywhere in the world. For this, Hudson McKenzie focuses on nurturing a collegiate working style, with an ambition to be the best at catalysing success for all their clients and bringing a creative, high quality, and businessaware approach to complex work. The company also fosters and develops working relationships with leading law firms across the world. Hudson McKenzie’s immigration lawyers are always involved in strategic lobbying with various government organisations including the Home Office (UKVI) to obtain the best results for their clients.

Hudson McKenzie helps both corporate and government clients in implementing comprehensive immigration solutions, with a particular focus on UK immigration

Moving ahead, Hudson McKenzie is now poised to help as many businesses as possible in the post-Brexit time. The company already caters to an extensive clientele include major international organisations, SMEs and mid-sized companies in sectors encompassing but not limited to finance, consulting, manufacturing, IT, travel, hospitality, oil and gas, retail, pharmaceutical, education, entertainment, fashion and sports. And in the coming months, as the new immigration laws in the UK start to get more focus, Hudson McKenzie is determined to expand its service coverage even more.