S Suressh, Partner, Litigation & Dispute Management Head, Employment, Harry Elias PartnershipS Suressh, Partner, Litigation & Dispute Management Head, Employment
Harry Elias Partnership is a Singapore-based, fully-qualified, and progressive law firm attuned to clients’ needs. It has been on the cutting edge of legal changes, particularly on the litigation front, acting in cases that broke new ground and resulted in watershed judicial decisions.

“In our more than three decades of experience and expertise, we have witnessed the drastic evolution of the legal landscape. Our well-versed lawyers deliver legal solutions that are appropriate and effective within the practical framework of the issue at hand, in the larger framework of strategy and business objectives, costeffectively and timely,” says S Suressh, Partner, Harry Elias Partnership.

One of Singapore’s top law firms, renowned for providing focused, proactive, and practical advice for its highly diversified clientele, Harry Elias Partnership’s services span across a wide spectrum of practice areas, including banking and finance, capital markets, merger and acquisitions, private client advisory, dispute resolution and corporate and employment laws.

Regarding employment laws, Harry Elias Partnership has a fullservice legal practice covering dispute resolution, advisory services, and policy implementation. To that end, Harry Elias Partnership keeps itself constantly updated on the changes in the employment law space to advise clients accordingly. This helps them to maintain a quick response time to client queries, especially on issues like termination and breach of non-compete clauses that demand prompt and effective advice.

“Some clients find difficulty expressing the issue they want to resolve due to their limited knowledge of the intricacies of the law. Our expertise and experience helps us to understand what our clients mean when they raise an issue and we can then respond immediately with our advisory services,” says Jaclyn Leong, Senior Associate, Harry Elias Partnership.

Most of the employment law disputes that Harry Elias Partnership handle are related to termination and restrictive covenants. The firm also assist clients with the implementation of policies, like harassment and data protection policies, that are tailored to suit their needs. It also helps clients ensure that their operations are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Because of their record of dealing with relationship firms in neighbouring jurisdictions, Harry Elias Partnership can also offer a unique project management approach that enables them to deliver complex, multi-jurisdictional legal services through a single point of contact, providing efficiency and cost certainty for clients. This level of flexibility is particularly important when dealing with MNCs, who often require consistency in their employment handbooks across all jurisdictions. However, the firm is also careful to ensure that local statutory requirements are taken into account when adapting these handbooks for use in Singapore. For example, the firm may advise clients on the need to include provisions for national service or other statutory leave requirements unique to Singapore.

Our well-versed lawyers deliver legal solutions that are appropriate and effective within the practical framework of the issue at hand, in the larger framework of strategy and business objectives, cost-effectively and timely response

Similarly, while handling HR-related matters for its clients, such as employee termination, the law firm not only drafts and prepares the necessary legal documents but also provides guidance on how to handle the conversation with the employee. Harry Elias Partnership’s experience and expertise in this area have proven to be invaluable for clients who do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to navigate such sensitive situations.

In a recent case handled by Suressh, the law firm was able to convince an employer to handle the termination of a senior executive as a mutually agreed separation rather than a termination for cause. By doing so, they avoided a potentially costly and time-consuming litigation.

Over the years, its expertise in the length and breadth of services has made Harry Elias Partnership stand tall in the crowd. As a progressive law firm, it operates as a completely integrated team, attuned to clients’ needs, providing comprehensive solutions to the client’s legal requirements.