Louise Ellekilde Fogstrup, Partner and Founder, Enabling ChangeLouise Ellekilde Fogstrup, Partner and Founder
Heraclitus of Ephesus—an ancient philosopher— stated, “All things come into being through opposition, and all are in flux like a river,” implying that without strife (or change), there cannot be growth. That same philosophy, thousands of years later, applies to the daily operations of modern businesses. To keep up with a constantly evolving, digital-first world, organizations must frequently implement enterprise-wide changes that positively impact their business processes, products, and employees. Therefore, organizations and their leaders must always prepare for change. Yet, doing so is not an easy task.

Enabling Change—a boutique change management specialist—provides a comprehensive advisory, consultancy, guidance, and training services for C-suite executives and their teams to effectuate a transformation that guarantees optimal business performance in any market, at any given time.

Enabling Change empowers C-suite executives to better plan and implement changes strategically, all while strengthening collaboration within their teams. “Our ability to define an overarching strategic direction, transform it into a vision, and ensure an effective implementation of the change initiative sets us apart from the competition,” says Louise Ellekilde Fogstrup, Founder and Partner of Enabling Change. Fogstrup has over a decade of experience leading business transformations in projects across many organizations.

The company, backed by the expertise of its founder and seasoned team, ensures that change initiatives are successfully executed in an environment where C-suite executives constantly face the impetus to evolve. Staying relevant, innovative, and competitive at all times is critical, and Enabling Change guides clients towards achieving the same. The company collaborates with clients to define problems or potential opportunities and develops a tailored strategy to address them productively. During this procedure, Enabling Change first analyzes and comprehends every aspect of its client’s business, and provides ongoing support to execute and deliver change projects. The demands of all stakeholders are also taken into account while planning, establishing, and effectuating a successful change management blueprint.
Drawing on its cultural diversity and experience, the content and exercises in Enabling Change’s training programs are tailored to the client’s market context, region, and language. Its training programs and workshops for senior leaders, designed to meet each client’s specific organizational needs stands out in the organizational development consulting market. In addition to leadership development, Enabling Change ensures smooth, efficient, and effective transitions while dealing with merger and acquisition (M&A) issues.

The company also maintains in-depth knowledge about the latest research driving change, transition and transformation. It focuses on the rapid mobilization of leadership teams through SPRINTs. Each SPRINT is centered on a tried-and-tested concept backed by the latest field research, years of experience, and best practices.

Enabling Change’s collaboration with a large European pharmaceutical company perfectly showcases its competencies. The client’s R&D department had undergone a significant transition as part of its transformation journey, which included modifying and downsizing the existing organization, closing facilities, and centralizing all activities. The leadership team found it challenging to designate a common direction to coordinate the transformation journey across the organization. By working closely with the client, Enabling Change developed a structured process to align and mobilize the R&D leadership team. The approach was set up in short SPRINTs with clear deliverables, including the definition of roles and responsibilities in the new operating model, transformation training and toolkit, and a transformation roadmap for the next two years. The leadership team’s overall ownership alignment with the transformation journey improved due to the mobilization process. After adhering to Enabling Change’s suggestions, the client improved the clarity of the transformation journey by 79-percent and witnessed an increase in the shared ability to lead and implement R&D transformation by 52-percent.

Our ability to define an overarching strategic direction, transform it into a vision, and ensure an effective implementation of the change initiative sets us apart from the competition

Similarly, Enabling Change focuses on helping all its clients quantify and structure their transformative journey through the change process to deliver measurable results successfully. Moving forward, it intends to add more value to its services and help leaders completely familiarize themselves with change.