Stephanie Peskett, Senior Vice President, BTSStephanie Peskett, Senior Vice President
BTS is a consultancy specializing in the people side of strategy. For over three decades, BTS has been designing powerful experiences that have a profound and lasting impact on businesses and their people. BTS has a unique focus at the critical moment when an organisation goes from strategy development to strategy delivery; the exact point where so many strategies fail. With 34 years of know-how, BTS has managed to codify this and help the world’s leading companies turn strategy into results.

The company’s next-generation approach combines deep business knowledge with transformational development to help people and organisations change together. They equip leaders for tomorrow, inspire new ways of thinking and build critical capabilities. BTS makes strategy personal to unlock human and business success.

“BTS helps an organization’s workforce understand their specific business strategy and how they can feel the ownership and confidence to deliver it with pride,” says Stephanie Peskett, Senior Vice President at BTS.

According to Harvard Business Review, 67 percent of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution. Going from strategy to execution can be challenging and risky. In today’s environment of constant change, organizations must inspire the behavioral mindset shifts required to execute their business and culture strategies effectively. The key to better execution, according to BTS, is E=AMC. Execution = Alignment x Mindset x Capability. Put simply, strategy execution depends on how well the people in the organization are aligned with the strategy, their mindset, and their capability to execute your specific strategic initiatives. This means a combination of financial literacy, business savviness, and an enterprise value mindset combined with the power of personal and team leadership. This combination of both business and leadership means teams and leaders understand, adapt, and thrive in new strategic, competitive, and cultural landscapes.

The range of BTS’ expertise is both broad and deep. They have acquired specialist organisations and used their skill set to complement clients emerging needs in strategy execution. For example, BTS has experts who specialise in personalized learning journeys; strategy modelling simulations, innovation immersions, strategy off-site events, c-suite alignment sessions, sales kick-offs, change and learning journeys. BTS has Centres of Expertise in strategy, business and financial acumen, innovation, coaching, leadership development, assessment, change and transformation and sales and marketing–and of course brings the “best of BTS” to craft complete journeys of change. Unlike other consultancies, BTS doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions to business problems. Experts and Consultants at BTS apply a relentless focus on quality to create deeply customized, fun, and powerful experiences that provide teams with the tools they need to deliver results in the real world.
  • BTS helps an organisation understand and personalise strategy execution and what great looks like in the next phase of growth of the business

In one example, BTS helped a banking client deliver the people side of agile transformation for its customer-facing departments. BTS deployed a simulation-based experience to help the leadership team understand specific experiences and pragmatic response methods. The client successfully brought about a positive shift in mindset and culture toward the work and fast-tracked their transformation journey.

The company ensures that accessing learning journey services is as simple as possible for everyone through digital platforms. BTS creates immersive, interactive digital experiences that enable people to integrate digital learning “just in time, just for me, just as I like it”.

For a strategy to be personal, it must reflect the cultural context in which it operates. BTS is proud of its global footprint of 36 offices and diverse, locally based teams and leadership.