Bruce Lau, Managing Director, AEGIS Management LimitedBruce Lau, Managing Director
The increasing number of labor arbitration disputes in mainland China has resulted in enterprises investing in training professional research teams to improve their risk prevention awareness. While this tedious and expensive process presents a potential burden on their bottom line, enterprises also find themselves lagging behind when it comes to data-driven decision-making.

Having limited access to candidate information probably obtained from resumes demands HR managers to make hasty hiring decisions. Unfortunately, this leads to resume fraud and professional integrity crisis as it’s hard to distinguish the authenticity of candidate information just from resumes. All these, coupled with enterprises’ insufficient knowledge in the background check industry, data leakage and transaction, and non-compliant investigation and non-objective reports, result in potential risks, ranging from recruiting the wrong candidates to suffering from significant economic losses. Serving as a leading risk consulting service provider since 2013, AEGIS Management Limited helps enterprises find the risks associated with their hiring processes.
  • We’re the first employment background check company in the mainland China to adopt due diligence, providing us an edge over the competition

Founded in Hong Kong, AEGIS Management Limited specializes in providing domestic and foreign investment banks, funds, securities traders, and other investment and sponsor institutions with long-term professional due diligence services. This includes senior personnel due diligence, namely in-depth background checks on founding and core management teams of organizations that are attracting investments or going public overseas. AEGIS Management Limited’s service portfolio for the Hong Kong market includes commercial investment and financing risk assessment, corporate compliance review, M&A due diligence, employment risk monitoring, and IPO compliance review.

After years of conducting business in Hong Kong, AEGIS Management Limited has carried out over 10,000 senior personnel due diligence projects, accumulated abundant research experience, and built a professional research team to expand its reach to mainland China.
“We’re the first employment background check company in the mainland China to adopt due diligence, providing us an edge over the competition,” says Bruce Lau, the Managing Director of AEGIS Management Limited.

Based on this competitive advantage and experience, AEGIS Management Limited has innovated its research method to conduct legal and compliant background checks with full independence on the selection of multiple interviewees. This helps ensure that the research process remains neutral and objective. Having a range of distinct services for candidates for different positions within its portfolio enables AEGIS Management Limited to position itself as a go-to partner for mainland China’s HR compliance research market needs.

Sticking to the concept of due diligence and information security, AEGIS Management Limited has obtained the Level III Information System Security Grading Protection Filing Certificate, which has no more than three copies. The company is a group of 100 experienced researchers equipped with advanced market perceptivity and executive skills to detect risks and discover valuable information for clients quickly. AEGIS Management Limited’s investigation team, proficient in Mandarin, English, and Cantonese, is capable of producing investigation and verifications for local and international clients.

Such a perfect line of capabilities enables AEGIS Management Limited to craft new development strategies. The company is opening up new markets in mainland China by leveraging its experience and expertise in due diligence and employment background checks. With the strength of AEGIS Management Limited, it is only a matter of time before it takes the top spot in the market of mainland China by implementing the core strategy of localization.